Hi ,
I'm Abhishek Balam

About Me

I Like to code, make things, and travel,
among other things...

Welcome to my personal website and front-page to all my blogs.
This is a place where I intend to document all the things in my life.

Knowledge of all things is possible.

-Leonardo da Vinci

These are the words I try to live my life by.

I was a born curious kid and always wanted to know how everything in the world worked and thankfully, that feeling stuck with me.

Over the years, in the quest to quench my curiosity I learned new things, made some stuff, experimented recklessly with many ideas. Some of the ideas were good, many were plain silly, but I enjoyed alot coming up with them and pursuing them obsessively. :P

Now, at 21, I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting all my experiences and decided I will keep a journal. But the thing is, I hate to write, it's too boring!

Hence I made this website.

I believe knowledge should be shared freely, so all content here is free to use by all.*

Have fun looking around, and you can contact me via mail at [email protected].

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